125 Hot Dog Buns

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We had a BBQ this weekend, and it was pretty damn awesome.

Here’s us setting it up on Friday…

The only thang is… we kinda over-ordered on the hot dog buns. 

Wanting to make sure there was enough for everyone, we opted to have one bun per sausage/burger.

And now we’ve got a fair amount of buns left!

Luckily they’re going to go to the animals at the Exotic Pet Refuge down the road.

But there’s an important lesson to learn here.

(and I don’t mean about not over-buying bread buns)

People will ALWAYS purchase things they don’t need!

Read that again, when it comes to selling it’s very important.

Yes, sometimes we buy things we need, but a lot of purchases are completely emotional.

These purchases are done because we want to make sure that we’ve got enough of the product, because it’s something that sounds cool, it’s something that we think will make us look good, or it’s simply shiny and new.

Emotional purchases are amongst the best types of products you can sell online.

But, when you’re writing your sales copy, you need to remember that you’re appealing to your prospect’s emptional side.

If you try and appeal to their logical side you’ll almost certainly turn them off the idea of buying, because they don’t actually need your product.

So the lesson here is, when you’re writing sales copy, always remember to appeal to the emotional side of someone.

And if you can’t be bothered to learn copywriting right now, then you can grab this swipe file which allows you to create million dollar sales copy in minutes.



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