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The most common issue that I hear about from new and experienced marketers is the consistent struggle to come up with new ideas for content.

It’s a struggle that everybody has art some point in their online business.

We’ve had it numerous times over the years and each time we’ve had to come up with a new way of generating content ideas.

And… there are a few simple techniques that you can use to come up with endless ideas for your content.


The most obvious is to start with keyword research for your niche. If you’ve already got a website then the chances are that you’ve done this for SEO reasons. If you haven’t… then it’s time to.

Take your keywords and search in Google adding the phrases:

How to

Help with

Strategies for

Guide to

For example, if our keyword is “internet marketing” then we would do Google searches for:

How to internet marketing

Help with internet marketing

Strategies for internet marketing

Guide to internet marketing

If we take the first one of these we can see that the search gives us…

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 20.53.52

First we have all the paid adverts, but sometimes these can also help us. From here we can brainstorm titles based on what’s showing:

  • The Basics of Email Marketing
  • Getting Started With SEO
  • What Is Online Marketing

Scrolling down we get more natural search engine results…

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 20.55.41

Some other titles we could brainstorm from this would be…

  • How To Learn Internet Marketing Quickly
  • Internet Marketing in 9 Steps
  • What’s Happening in Internet Marketing Today

Go through the first three or four pages of results in Google and brainstorm for your first keyword.

Once you’ve got a list of ideas you can now take each one of them and brainstorm further. For example:

  • Internet Marketing in 9 Steps

Could easily become…

  • Email Marketing in 9 Steps
  • SEO in 9 Steps
  • Keyword Research in 9 Steps
  • Market Research in 9 Steps
  • Content Marketing in 9 Steps
  • Copywriting in 9 Steps

And many more…

Do this for every one of the content ideas you’ve brainstormed and each one can easily become 10, 20 or even more content ideas.

If you find ten ideas per keyword then that means each keyword could generate 100 or more content titles.


If you’re blog is active then you’ll start to get people commenting on your blog. You should always read these comments and reply to them. But when you do open up a notepad and write down any good questions or suggestions that have been written.

You can then use these ideas to follow the same process as for Keywords to brainstorm ideas and grow them into multiple ideas for your content.

Customer Support

I believe that good customer support is the foundations of your business. If you’re in the business of helping your customers succeed with what you’re selling them then you’re in the business of good customer support.

You can check out this post I wrote on why customer support is so important.

A lot of companies think of customer support as a resource black hole where they have to pay for staff but don’t generate any review. After all most of the support will be to people that have already spent money.

But we can use customer support to our benefit both in terms of content ideas and new product ideas…

Your customers are going to be asking questions on your market, create a document and copy in any questions that could be extended out into bigger articles.

This is one of the best sources of content ideas as they’re coming directly from your customers. It’s the things that they’re interested in, and the things that you haven’t explained well enough.

And of course, once you’ve got the list you can use the same brainstorming technique that we’ve used before to turn each idea into a load more!

Other Blogs

Never under-estimate the use of other blogs in your market. Keep track of what’s going on the best and biggest blogs in your market. Go through their content and see which has had the most views and, even more importantly, the most shares and comments.

You can use the ideas outlined in those posts to create your own posts on the same subjects. If the posts are 1500 words or longer then you may even be able to create two posts from the subject.

In Summary…

If you follow these four steps then you never need to run out of ideas for content. Each idea you have can easily be brainstormed into at least ten content ideas and the key is to do that before you begin writing. Come up with all the titles for your content before you start writing to make sure that you don’t cover one of your future topics in your current article.

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