How important is the layout of my website?

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This is a very common question for people who are setting up a website for their business. You invest a lot of time and usually money into getting a great website set up, so you want every element of it to be just right.

If you are using your website as part of your marketing strategy to drive sales, then getting the best out of your website will be a big priority for you.

And, getting your website set up for success isn’t totally straight-forward!

From what type of content to develop, to where to position your content for ultimate effect, you have a number of factors to consider.

If you haven’t spent years developing websites and discovering what works in terms of content and layout, then you can take a shortcut by using this insightful infographic; 25 features every online business must have in 2017.

Based on extensive research, the infographic will show you exactly what to do in terms of content placement and even provides useful tips on key features.

Your content and how you use it is critical to the effectiveness of your website, so start using this infographic from the team at to base your layout on and you will soon see some quick benefits.

Simple concepts like positioning the call to action button in a highly visible position at the top of your page and what else to include in your header are examples of the great information you will glean from the infographic.

The positioning of content is so vital in terms of how effective your website will be in compelling your website visitors to contact you or make an online purchase. If you develop a good content creation schedule that is based on attracting your target audience and then place it using this guidance then you can expect to see great results.

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