Less Clicks To Make More Money

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If you’re still reading then you’re ahead of most internet marketers.


Because at first glance the title of this post doesn’t make any sense.

I mean, the lesson that we’re all taught in internet marketing is to get as much traffic to an offer as possible. After all, if you have a 2% conversion rate and send 1000 clicks then you’ll make 20 sales. If you can send 10000 clicks then you’ll make 200 sales.

Surely it’s a no-brainer. Isn’t it?

Well, in the next few minutes I’m going to challenge everything that you thought you knew about clicks and why you shouldn’t just be focusing on the number.

Before I jump into the details of how you can reduce your clicks and make more money, I should clarify that this is primarily for email marketing to your in-house mailing list. Other sources of traffic don’t necessarily work in the same way.

Alright… let’s jump into how we’re going to make you more money from less traffic.

And, you’re going to do that by being selective.

When you send a promotional email out, do you send it out to everyone on your list?

If you do then I want you to stop doing that. From right now.

Okay, you’re going to need to do it a few times more because you’ve always done it. But you’re going to do it in a much smarter way.

Here’s the thing. When a prospect joins your mailing list they’re joining because of a specific offer. Maybe it’s free software, a trial, a PDF guide showing how to do something. Whatever the optin offer, everyone will have joined your list for a different reason.

Which means one thing.

They’re all interested in something different.

Of course, there’s cross-over. I mean someone who joined your list to get information on optimising their email marketing campaign may also be interested in finding out how to send paid traffic to that campaign.

Or someone who joined your list for a free video guide on how to increase their sales page conversion rates may also be interested in how to send paid traffic to that campaign.

So it makes sense to send an email to everyone when there is a paid traffic product to promote. Right.

The thing is, they’re both going to be looking at the paid traffic product from a different viewpoint.

And if you want to maximise your sales then you need to write your email copy differently for each type of subscriber in order to make sure that it “speaks to them”.

Otherwise you’re going to be losing sales. Full stop.

The way to do this is through a process called segmentation. You want to segment your mailing list into a lot of small mailing lists.

Ideally you’ll be using a CRM system like InfusionSoft so that each contact that comes in is tagged. The benefit of this is that the person will only receive the email once. However, CRM software is pretty pricey compared to autoresponder services like Aweber and GetResponse.

If you use Aweber and GetResponse then you should have a separate list for each other that a prospect can join by. This allows you to segment the content you send to each list based on what you know they’re interested in.

You may, at the moment, just have one mailing list where you have put everybody who joins however the join. If so, don’t worry. We can use that as well but you need to start segmenting it up from now on.

If you have just one list then send an email out about a topic, not a product, asking who is interested in that product.

Let your readers know that you’ve got some awesome, highly valuable content you’re giving away for free about that topic and they should head over to your optin page to get it.

This optin page will put anybody who opts in onto a new mailing list specifically for that content.

Great, you now have a smaller list of people who can be considered hot leads for that topic. They just opted into a mailing list to get the information.

Your job of converting them from a lead to a sale is now much easier, because you know they are actively interested.

This segmented list is going to be hyper responsive. Of course you’ve got to provide them with some awesome free content. After all they did just optin to a new mailing list and if you provide them with some awesome free content then they’re going to want to get more content.

But here’s the trick. Give enough free content that they want to finish your email sequence, but then tell them you’re going to take it to the next level if they buy the product you’re promoting.

The information you’ll give them then will not be released to anybody else and is going to jumpstart you.

What you’ve now down is:

  • Created a hyper-responsive mailing list for a specific topic
  • Provided them with some awesome content to really help them, but held back on the best bit
  • Told them that what they thought was the best bit, isn’t. In fact the best bit is only available to people who buy the product you’re promoting

Repeat this message a few times, before finally giving them the best bit you promised at the beginning. You give this to everyone whether they bought or not. I usually like to do a final sales message at the very end as well.

But for those people who purchased the product you were promoting, you give them the bonus that you had created for the product. The only thing is… you’ve never called it a bonus.

Bonuses may still work well for some people, but personally I’ve found that they’ve become less and less effective as a sales tool due to the quantity of poor bonuses on offer.

So if you provide high quality content that’s going to make a big difference when used with the product they’re purchasing but never say it’s a bonus. The conversion is going to be much higher.

In summary, we’ve reduced your mailing list to those people who are interested right now in the topic that the product you’re going to promote is based around. You’ve then provided them with awesome free content before telling them they can get something even better if they purchase the product you’re promoting.

You may send significantly less clicks, but your conversion rate is going to be skyhigh. Why?

Because you’re only sending people who have told you very recently that they’re interested in exactly what you’re selling.

Test it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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