Making a fortune with paid advertising

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If you really want to make a money online you need to be in control of your revenue stream.

To be in control of your revenue stream, you need to be buying your customers.

And that means…

…paid advertising.

But most people get a bit of pee in their pants when they start thinking about paying for advertising.

I get it. It’s scary as shit paying for something that may give you nothing back.

After all, there’s a hundred and one different things you could spend that money on.

Most folk choose to spend it on something else.

Fair enough.

I look at it like this…

Do you want to really grow your busines?

If you do then you need leads.

To get leads you’re going to have to spend some money.

Full stop.

Which means you’re going to need this months Business Ignition magazine.

Alternatively, if you’re happy with what you’re making online, close this email and go grab yourself a drink.

Have a great weekend,


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