[Number 4] The fourth commandment of generating traffic is…

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You’d thought I’d forgotten hadn’t you!

I got to number three in our traffic generation series, got distracted (as happens with me), and then you thought that I’d forgotten about the rest.

But fear not, I haven’t 😉

Today it’s time for the fourth strategy to generate traffic to your website…

And it’s all about syndicating your content.

This used to be very popular years ago, but it was done in a blackhat way. Which, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the whole ‘blackhat’ terminology thang, means the way that’s kinda like trying to cheat by taking a shortcut.

When you use a blackhat technique, it’s only a matter of time until it gets shut down. Which means you have to plan for that eventuality.

That’s not my thang. I can’t be arsed to set something up that I’m just waiting to fall down. Life is too damn short.

You also have ‘greyhat’, which isn’t quite as bad, and then you have ‘whitehat’, which is the right way to be doing things.

Anyhoo, once again I’m digressing.

Content syndication used to be a popular thing a few years ago, but it was done all wrong. People were trying to cheat Google by using content aggregation sites (which are the sites that will syndicate your content).

I’m not suggesting you do that.

Hell, there’d be no point because it doesn’t work anymore anyway.

What I’m suggesting is that you use content syndication to get yourselves in-front of a whole load more people.

The way it works is like this:

1) You register at a content syndication site

2) You submit your blog to be syndicated

3) They approve your blog and syndicate your content to their site

4) All their visitors can now see updates on your blog

So the question is… where are you going to do this?

And here are the top four content aggregators that will syndicate your content:

1. Alltop.com

This is the big daddy. If you’re only going to submit to one, then make sure you use Alltop. Apart from being the biggest, they give you a dofollow link to your website, which helps to rock your SEO.

Only problem is, it can be pretty damn hard to get listed here. You’ve got to be offering the best of the best in content. It’s all about quality.

2. BizSugar.com

Not as big as Alltop, but it’s still free! Your blog will need to be related to small business to be able to submit here. While you won’t get anything like the traction you’d get on AllTop, every little helps, particularly when it’s free to use.

3. BlogEngage (paid)

What sucks about this site, is that you have to pay to use it. Is it worth it? At the moment I’m still not sure. It’s kinda hard to directly relate leads and sales to these kind of sites, and you know that I like to know exactly where my money is coming from and going to. If it pays for itself then it’s worth it, if it doesn’t then strip it out.

4. BloKube.com (paid)

Another paid site, and one that you will see has a very similar design to BlogEngage. This site doesn’t get the kind of quantity of content that it used to get, which would indicate it’s not as popular as it once was.

I no longer use this site, but it’s worth putting on the list as it is still popular.

Even if you don’t use the last two paid sites, you should definitely be trying to get listed with at least the first two. They’re free and can send you traffic. If you get rejected, don’t worry. Build up the content on your blog, make sure it’s high quality, and then try again once a month 😉


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