Secrets of a Nigerian prince

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I received an email from a Nigerian prince yesterday. I get these intermittently, but never before have I had one that’s subscribed to my mailing list.

At nearly 4500 words long, without a paragraph break, I’ve got to be honest… I didn’t read it all.

But it was an interesting take on an old scam.

If you’ve never seen the Nigerian scam, then basically you get a spam email asking you to help someone in Nigeria recover money, a lot of money, that’s been left to them. In order to recover it, you have to send over your bank details etc…

And basically they rob you blind.

The most disgusting part is, usually these emails are written in very poor English on purpose. They know that the better educated people will ignore them, because of the bad English, and they’re preying on the less educated.

Anyhoo, yesterday this guy joins my mailing list, he’s probably reading this email, and within moments of joining he sends me an email saying how often he’s been scammed online and how, if what I say is true, I’ll send him money first.

It did make me chuckle. The sheer balls out’ness of it.

Obviously he ain’t getting no money. But what I will give him, is points for thinking outside the box. Yeah, it’s an old scam, but he’s completely flipped it on it’s head, and it’s clever.

Anyway, back to some real ways to make money, and I’ve been putting the finishing touches to the first monthly issue of Business Ignition this morning. We’ll be going to print next week, and there’s still time to get this issue.


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