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Up until recently, I’ve been sending an average of two emails a day. That’s because I like to share as much with you as possible.

For the forseeable future, this is going to change. I’m going to be sending more like two or three emails a week.

Is this because the response is better by sending just a few emails a week?


In fact, contrary to popular belief, the more emails you send, the more traffic you generate and the more money you make.

The reason is, that alongside Business Ignition, I have another business running, a new one that’s due to launch, a new baby, and two new houses that are about to start being built for mine and Holly’s mums.

With all that going on, I simply don’t have the time to write one email a day, let alone two or three.

Rather than writing poor quality emails, I’m going to reduce the number of emails I write.

Every time I start a new business I learn something new. I always like to push the boundaries and test new things. I like to try approaches that some people say will never work.

And that’s not going to be any different with the new business.

Everything I discover, learn and find will, as always, be shared inside the pages of Business Ignition.

If you’re not yet a member yet, then you can join up here.

Please don’t email me saying the sales page is old or that the order form isn’t pretty.

(Yup, I get those emails!)

I know it’s old, but it performs well. I could probably improve it, I could definitely improve the order form, and will at some point. But here’s the thang…

Business Ignition is for the folk who are serious about their online business.

It’s for the folk who are prepared to invest, and want the benefit of not only having my primary business model, but also the ongoing knowledge of everything I’m doing, testing, and experimenting with.

We invest tens, and hundreds, of thousands of dollars into new businesses. Everything we discover goes into the pages of Business Ignition.

If you think that $3.13 a day is expensive to get that kind of knowledge.

Then you aren’t ready for it anyway.

Over and out


P.S. Here’s the link to join, if you think you’re ready…


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