What Makes The Perfect Lead Magnet

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Lead magnets are one of the most powerful elements of a digital publishing, or internet marketing, business.

In case you haven’t come across them yet, then these are what you provide for free to get your prospects to take an action. Usually opting into a mailing list.

Very often, particularly in the IM niche, a massive promise is delivered to get the prospect to optin. But then a very poor quality information is provided, often even just PLR products that have been seen by the prospects time and again.

Doing this creates one thing… very disappointed and disillusioned prospects.

And those types of prospects unsubscribed quickly and don’t become customers.

But… if you create your lead magnets correctly then not only will you have very happy prospects, those prospects will become customers and go on to tell other people.

So the question is, how do you do this?

There are two keys to doing this. I’m going to share these with you first and then show you how to make your lead magnet super-quickly.

The first key to making a good lead magnet is to answer one question or concern that your prospect has.

In the words of Ryan Deiss, give them a little win.

When a prospect receives your lead magnet you want to make sure that they feel good. They feel like they’ve solved something in the very moment that it was received. Feel like they’ve won.

Do this, and your new subscribers will love you.

The second key to making a good lead magnet is to make sure that by solving one problem you’ve made a space for another problem to be solved.

In the IM world an example would be to show someone how to create Facebook ad campaigns. Now they need to know how to find the products which the campaigns are going to work well on.

Whatever you solve with your lead magnet should lead your prospect further into the funnel and create another problem that they need to solve.

Of course, this other problem is solved by… your product!

Which is why before you create your lead magnet, you need to know exactly what the product you’re creating the magnet is for.

And before your create your product you need to know exactly the market your creating it for and the problem it’s solving.

In order to build your lead magnet really quickly then you need to focus on one of the small problems that your product solves.

For example, if you’re building a traffic generation product then you could take out the need to have a killer squeeze page first.

This element of your product because the lead magnet because:


  • It’s relevant to your audience
  • Can be taught very quickly
  • Will make subscribers feel like they’ve had a “win”
  • Creates the need to send traffic to the squeeze page


Once they’ve opted into your mailing list you can even offer them pre-built done for your squeeze pages for a small commitment, say $7. This is know as a micro commitment.

This then leads in perfectly to your product offer.

Follow this process to create your lead magnets and I promise you that they will be performing better, creating you more profits and turning your subscribers into raving fans faster than you ever thought possible.

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