27 Matches And Some Of The Garden

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The friends we’re staying with light their fire by putting paper on the bottom then some shop bought kindling, which in my opinion is far to big to be kindling buy hey ho, and then logs on top.

After 10 minutes fruitlessly trying to get it on fire this way, and around 27 matches, I thought bugger it…

I went outside and managed to find a bunch of kindling in the garden which, given it was pouring with rain, I was kinda pleased about.

Coming back in with a small bunch of dry kindling (the sort thats very thin and dry) I put that in the fireplace, surrounded it with some of the shop bought kindling (which is more like small wood blocks) and then took the last match.

With slight trepidation I struck it against the side of the box, well aware that if this didn’t work I would have the wrath of Holly coming down on me from the sofa.

Thrusting the small flame into the middle of the kindling it set on fire. Rapidly the fire spread to the surrounding kindling and then into the bigger shop bought kindling and within a few minutes there was a small fire in the grate.

I delicately put the first log onto it and in five minutes the fire was roaring.

Ahhhhh, the satisfaction.

Why am I telling you this?

Just because other people are doing something one way doesn’t mean there isn’t another way that is going to work far better for you.

Trust your gut instinct.



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