Hi Michael [across the pond],

You can let some hourly wage assistant drop this message into the digital waste bin, or have that minion pass the message along to you. It matters not. But if started, skim the content through to the end. Use any of it useful for promotion, and you have my permission to fully identify me.

Over 50 years ago I began a salaried position. That means they could require any amount of work from me, e.g. 84 hours per week [performed by me on one occasion]. I continued the occupation for 33 years

1. because in spite of the drudgery I enjoyed it 

2. I liked the people I worked with 

3. it provided medical insurance for the family 

4. it had a retirement plan 

5. I was afraid and did not know how to create an online business.

I tried that latter 8,472 times [more or less, I’ve lost count] without success. I got part-time jobs to provide for vacations and the like.

I retired with a pension 41 years ago. I live comfortably. I get by.

But I still don’t have the freedom you tout. And I can no longer take vacations and do all those real life things. But now I am 85, restricted to a wheelchair because of a leg amputation. I can no longer do simpler building tasks like fixing leaks, painting a back porch, repairing back steps and the like. And I am too proud to beg.

That’s why I am buying https://michaelwilding.com/mw-early-bird/

I love you all.

Larry Winebrenner


First up… while I do have VA’s, I try to read pretty much every email. Which is how I saw Larry’s message come in.

Larry’s tried to create an online business 8,472 times (roughly).

That’s a lot.

But it’s not unusual.

In fact, I’d say it’s pretty common. He’s in the company of the majority of the internet marketing world.

Because most of the folks out there selling how to make a bizniss online either…

1) Don’t want you to know how, so you keep buying their crap

2) Have only ever made an online bizniss teaching other people how to make an online bizniss

There’s two issues there.

Number one does actually happen. It’s not pretty, and it often comes from those gooroo types.

Their livelihood is reliant on you repeatedly buying their products. If they give you the whole picture, then they fear you won’t need them anymore. Which you may well not. So… they only give you a piece of the pie at a time.

Problem with that is, you eat that piece of the pie, so when you get the next piece you’ve got no idea how it connected to the previous one.

You never actually see the entire pie in one go.

And, unsurprisingly, that results in failure.

It’s kinda like getting a paintbrush, not knowing what to do with it, breaking it, and then getting given paint and trying to paint without the paintbrush,

Never gonna work!

You need to see the whole damn picture if you wanna be successful.

The second problem is, that loads of these folks have only ever made money online, by telling other people how to make money online.

That’s kinda weird.

What you want is someone who’s made online businesses in other markets that have nothing to do with teaching people how to sell online.

Like you’re old pal Mikey here.

I’ve made most of my businesses in gambling, one of the most competitive niches in the world!

Because I’ve actually gone out and done it, you’re gonna find my advice is kinda different to the folk who’ve never made a business in any niche other than IM.

If you’re the kinda person who’d like to get the entire picture, painted by someone who’s built multiple online businesses in other niches, then this is where you should tappety tap.



Michael (AKA Mikey)

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