Rugs can be life threatening. We’ve got two in our living room, one of them is fine, it has the coffee table on it.

The other… it’s frickin lethal!

You put your foot on it and it disappears half-way across the room.

So the other day I went out and bought some Anti-Slip for rugs. It was pretty damn expensive too.

I opened the box, and I reckon I’m lucky to have a couple of meters of it. Which considering the rugs are three meters by two meters each, isn’t particularly helpful.

Anyhoo, on the flip side, it’s very effective.

I would love to have an anti-slip product to give newbies to internet marketing.

Time and again I see people slipping down the wrong path, following the wrong advice, and doing things that just make no sense.

And I get it, hell I used to do exactly the same thing too.

But I want to stop you from doing it.

So here’s my internet marketing anti-slip advice…

1) If something feels stressful stop doing it.

2) Do not try and do everything, you don’t need to.

3) You should concentrate on one, simple, approach.

4) Stick with what you’re doing for at least six months, preferably a year.

5) You won’t earn a fortune quickly if you can’t invest a lot in traffic.

6) Choose a niche you know and love, if you’re new to internet marketing DO NOT try and teach others how to make money online. It won’t work.

If you want a complete step-by-step bizniss plan to building a six-figure online business in the shortest time possible. Then you’re in luck. Coz that’s what Business Ignition is all about!


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