BANNED Online For This Shocking Reason

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There’s some great advice from Barbara in the FB group recently. She commented that:

They do it a lot in newspaper headlines, you can learn from them

That was in response to one of my posts about using curiosity as a subject line in your emails.

And it’s true, they do it all the time in newspapers.

The subject line of this email was taken straight from a newspaper. Here’s the image.

Newspaper Headlines

I simply took the headline and adjusted it.

If you struggle to find good subject lines, then this can be one of the easiest ways to get them, it will also work to create headlines for your sales pages, and they’ll be written by excellent copywriters who are doing it every day…

Newspaper headline journalists.

And yes, they do employ people just to write the headlines. One of my school friends used to do it in the UK.

Grab a morning paper, scan through it, focusing on the headlines, pick one, edit it to suit your needs.


You can do it online, but it’s harder to do on the internet. I can’t explain why, but looking at the screen makes the process harder, and your focus is distracted with adverts and videos. So, I recommend you get a real paper.

Oh yeah, and here’s an awesome tool from Paul Clifford which will make writing your subject lines, and headlines, oh so simple!


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