Dogs sniff other dogs butts. Do you?

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You know dogs sniff each others butts. It’s one of the ways they learn about another dog in just a few seconds.

And if you asked them to stop… it’d be impossible for them to do it.

It’s just part of their genetic makeup.

Humans have a similar genetic desire to follow other humans. That’s why there are so few true leaders in the world.

It’s instinct to not want to stand out from the crowd. It’s instinct to want to follow other people. It’s instinct to want to do what other people do.

But, unlike dogs, we can make a conscious decision to not do that. To do things differently.

We don’t have to spend our life going round sniffing other dogs butts.

Ask yourself, have you ever bought a product to grow your business and then followed it to the letter only for it to fail?

Have you tried strategies that other people are using, followed them exactly, step-by-step, only to discover they don’t work for you.

Wonder why?

Because you’ve got to stop sniffing butts.

Let me explain…

Nearly ten years ago I was reading everything I could, following other people and doing my best to build an online business.

How did I get on… I sucked!

After about 18 months I came to a realisation. Following exactly what other people were doing was never going to work. What I needed to do was to learn what they were doing and then put my own spin on it.

The minute I started doing that I began to make real progress.

And here’s the reason…

The techniques and strategies people use to make themselves successful have usually been learned over years, and adjusted to suit their working style, personality and time available. There’ll have been an element of trial and error to get it working for them exactly how they need it to.

When you take it on exactly, guess what… it’s not going to work in the same way because your working style, personality and time available are going to be completely different.

I’m not saying don’t listen to anybody. What I’m saying is learn what others are doing, and then adapt it to work for you, in your circumstances. It’s the people who adapt what they learn to suit them that are successful.

Until tomorrow.


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