These People WILL Rock Your World Amigo!

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On Friday I promised that I’d give you the third type of person. The type of person who’s seriously going to rock your world. The type of person that you should be following.

Last week we looked at Type One, the people who are full of crap, and Type Two, the nice guys who don’t actually want you to have too much success.

This week I wanna introduce you to Type 3… these are the people that you want to follow. These are the people who are going to explode your business. These are the people…

…who don’t primarily work in the internet marketing space. 


I’m talking about the folk who’re just doing what they do every day and doing it phenomenally successfully.

The people who have online businesses in some of the most competitive industries in the world, like Gambling and Dating.

Go out there and join their mailing lists, if don’t want to get that stuff to your main email then create another email address and join their lists using that.

Because these are the folk who aren’t teaching what they’re doing… they’re just making a ton of money doing it.

And that’s who you want to follow.

Look at how often they’re sending emails. How they’re doing launches. How they’re promoting. How they’re writing their copy.

Watch and learn. Because that’s where the real good stuff is. That’s the kind of stuff that you can’t buy.

And heck, it’s good to realise that you can make money in other markets that aren’t about teaching people how to make money online.

When you follow these people and realise that, you’ll suddenly see how simple making money online can be. There doesn’t have to be all this complicated stuff going on. You don’t need to be doing a thousand things at the same time.

What you need to do, is pick your approach and then go for it guns blazing.

So here’s my challenge…

Go out today and find five websites that are major players in their markets. They can’t be anything to do with IM, Biz Opp or Make Money Online. Join their mailing lists. Look at their websites. Look at their sales copy. Read every email they send, but look at it to see what they’re doing and how they’re doing it not as a customer.

Are the emails auto-responders? Are they broadcasts? How often do they send them? How do they put together launches? Are you getting Facebook adverts to them? How did you find them?

Start answering these questions and you’ll start figuring out how to solve the puzzle of making money online.



P.S. Oh yeah, it doesn’t matter what market you’re in, you’re going to need to write sales copy. Here’s one of the best copywriters I know…

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