How the feck do these people do it?

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When you look at people who are successful online you’ll see three types.

Type number one are people who shout about how much money they’re making and how they can help you to do it to.

They’ve got sales pages screaming numbers at you, loaded with screenshots and videos of all the money they make and that you can have.

Type number two are the people who talk about how they can share their strategies with you that have made them seven figures launches. There’s waaaaay less screenshots, if any, and they have the attitude that if you don’t want to try what’s working for them then they don’t really give a damn.

And type number three… well I’ll come back to type number three in my next email.

For now, here are my thoughts on those first two types…

Type number one are full of crap.

They appeal to the greed which is inherent in every single human being on the planet. You may have more or less of it, but you’ll have it to some degree, which is why these types of people will always be able to make money.

Without fail their products are poor quality and do nothing to help you achieve success. They’re not supposed to. They’re supposed to appeal to your sense of greed and then move on.

The price point will always be low, too low like $37, and then you’ll be pushed through between 5 and 10 upsells.

Why? They need to squeeze as much money out of you now, because when you see how bad the product is you’re unlikely to buy again.

Type number two are generally the nice guys. They actually do want to help you achieve success, but not at the sacrifice of their own.

They share strategies that will work and do help you meet your goals, but when you dig deeper into them they’ve only really had success in one market… teaching other people how to have online success.

This means they’ve got to teach you how they just made you buy their product, because they’ve got nothing else to teach.


If they give you all of the sweets then you won’t need to buy anything else of them. So it get’s dripped to you across different products usually costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

That’s not to say they don’t give good information. They do. But you need to understand one key element of how they sell. Something very few people really know.

If you’d like to know then leave a comment in our private FB group and I’ll post the key in there.

Now the third type… these guys are few and far between, and you’re gonna want to watch out for them because they’ll seriously rock your world.

See you in my next email, which will probably be Monday morning 😉

Have an awesome weekend.


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  • Roger Davis
    June 17, 2016

    This will be Yet another journey albeit an interesting one and I might add one that I am looking forward to.
    I do like what I see

    • Michael Wilding
      June 18, 2016

      Thanks Roger, looking forward to having you on the journey 🙂

  • Abdul Razak Bin Hamid
    June 17, 2016

    Hi Michael I had read your blog it so impressed and if could help me to do the first step and in your FB said that I need to do the email and emailing but didn’t know how to do that to whom that I should email to and also how to create the website as I didn’t have any product to sell to. Please give me and advice. Best regards

    • Michael Wilding
      June 18, 2016

      Thank you for the comment Abdul. First thing, choose a market that you want to work in. This is the bit most people skip. You will have skills that you can teach other people, skills you can sell etc… think about what you know and enjoy. Then look at that market to see if there’s demand. If you need help looking at the market too see if there’s demand then let me know in then FB group when you’ve chosen it and I’ll help.