Man I get sick of people posting how much money they’ve earned on Facebook.

Does it work?

I’m not the person to give you an answer to that.

For me Facebook is for personal friends. 

Yes, I have some Facebook pages, but I don’t do as much with them as I should.

For personal promotion I prefer Twitter, because for me that’s a “stream of consiousness” platform. It’s not for personal connections.

And there’s absolutely no way I’m going to bombard my personal connections with my newsletters, products I’m selling, or anything else.

Doesn’t mean it won’t work.

It means it won’t work for me.

I know of at least three big marketers who use their Facebook account for business.

By which I mean…

* They accept every friend request, even when they don’t know the person

* They request connections after a single meeting

* They have thousands of “friends”

* They promote every day on their own personal wall

And from a marketing perspective, it makes sense!

Facebook deems personal conncetions as the highest connection, so if you’re “friends” with someone, they’re much more likely to see what you’re posting than the folk who simply Follow your page.

The message from these marketers is usually along the lines of:

Don’t be a pussy, don’t worry about what others think, if you want to be financially free use everything at your disposal

And it works for them.

But here’s the thang…

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