How To Take £5 and Turn It Into £500

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I know the title of this post use the pound sign. That’s because I’m British and so I work in pounds however what I’m about to share with you will work the same if you’re selling products in dollars, euros, yen or any other currency.

You’re also going to be surprised by the length of this post.


Because it doesn’t take very long to explain how to do this.

The principle works. Full stop.


…it’s never going to work if you don’t take action and put it into practice.

So take what you’re about to read and put it into practice in your business and you’re going to find your world has just changed!

I’m sure that you’ve read time and again that the money is in the list.

Well it is.

But how much is very dependent on your mailing list.

Years ago I decided to dabble in the IM niche. I didn’t really take it seriously at the time, I just wanted to take a look.

I bought a few solos and got a ton of optins.

But after the first email they’d received with their free product, 90% of them never opened another email.


Because they weren’t interested in what I had to say, they were interested in the optin only.

The majority probably used email burners which they only checked to get their downloads after opting in and never looked at again.

Of course, that’s not to say that all solo ads will produce these results but in the IM space you will find a lot do.

So the question is…

Do you really want people on your mailing list that aren’t going to buy anything?

Admittedly it’s quite cool to be able to say you have a mailing list of 100k names. There’s a sort of kudos attached to that.

But who gives a &*$@ about kudos!

We care about business and if 100k names produces you £100 of sales, then it’s going to cost you more to host them and send them emails then they’re making you.

So there’s no point.

What you want is a mailing list of buyers. A mailing list of people who love your content and want to take action so will buy your products or those you recommend.

And the best way of building a mailing list of buyers is to…

Force people to buy something to join!

Always start cheap, just a few pounds. If it’s recurring you can even give them their first month free as long as they submit their payment details for the following months.

Let’s say you have a product that you’re charging £5 for. Everyone coming on to that mailing list has proven that they’re prepared to get their card out and pay for high quality information.

Great news for you because not only are you building a mailing list of buyers, but if you’re spending money on traffic you’re already recouping some of the cost!

What happens once they join your mailing list?

Well you give them their product of course, and then you give them a bunch of extra bonus really useful cool information.


Because you’re a nice a guy, and if you make your subscribers successful. They’ll make you successful.

And then two weeks later you off them a product for £15 that directly compliments the one that they bought a couple of weeks ago.

They’ve had enough time to put the first product into practice and are doing well with it and now you’ve offered them a way to improve that rapidly.

Why wouldn’t they buy it?

They’re already doing well with what they bought from you the first time and now you’re offering to show them how to do even better.

So your £5 buyer has now become a £20 buyer.

A couple of weeks later you offer them an opportunity to join your community, it’s where you help people personally in your forum and get them to where they want to be.

They can get your personal help for just £27 per month.

I’m sure you can see what’s happening here.

You’re starting off by building a buyers list using a low-end product, and then you’re offering them more complimentary products with higher price points as they progress through and become more experienced.

The more successful you make them with their products, then the more successful they will make you.

If you provide a good service, it’s not difficult to turn a £5 buyer into a £500 buyer within six months.

But to do this you need to plan. Grab a piece of paper and put down the low-end price point products. Determine what they’ll be and where they’ll lead people to.

Discover what information is missing in their training and develop a product to fit it, each time providing more value as each service increases in cost.

By the end what you’ll have is a killer sales funnel that not only builds you a list of buyers, but generates you raving fans as you drive them to success!

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