How To Take Professional Photos On Your Phone

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Photos and videos are becoming more and more important for gaining traffic online.

In my recent tests, photos or videos regular get over 100 times the reach on social media as a text post!

This makes it incredibly important to be able to take photos and videos that look good and people want to share.

With smartphone cameras producing outstanding quality images, this is getting easier to do.

I’ve got the iPhone 7 Plus, and it’s camera is by far the best I’ve ever had in a phone.

But… the photos still lack something. You can always tell they’ve been taken on a phone and not with a professional camera.

There’s a couple of primary reasons for this, the first is that it has a fixed lens. This sounds obvious, but it means the photos it takes are always pretty wide.

The zoom function isn’t very good, it very quickly distorts the quality of the picture, which is why I never use the zoom and recommend you don’t.

So how do you get the punch from your phone camera that professionals get from carrying big DSLR’s?

You could go out and buy a lens for your phone. These are things that you clip over the top of your phone and it changes the lens type, angle or zoom ability.

But… they’re pretty damn expensive and chunky.

The whole point of a camera phone is convenience, I don’t want to then have to carry around another lens and attach it whenever I want to take a photo. If I’m doing that, I may as well carry a DSLR.

In order to make your camera photos look professional, it’s all about the editing software you use.

To be honest, even when a photo is taken on a DSLR camera, the pro’s will do a bunch of editing afterwards to make it just right.

I’ve gone through a ton of different editing apps on the iPhone, until the other day I found one that works perfectly.

It’s called… PS Express.

And it’s basically Photoshop for the iPhone. I don’t know if it’s available on Android because I don’t have an Android phone, so you’ll need to check that for yourself.

I’m already a fan of Photoshop, but for some reason, when looking for photo editing software on my phone, I never searched for it.

That’s a prime example of why you need to always keep your customers mindset up to date with your advancements.

And what makes the app better than the desktop software is… it’s free!

Simple to use, incredible results and free. It doesn’t get better than that.

To make the perfect picture only takes 5 minutes of editing.

Start by framing your picture well before you take it. You should spend some time on this because the framing of the picture is what’s going to make it interesting to look at or not.

Then load it into the PS Express app and click this button at the bottom:

The mistake most folk make, is to use one of the preset filters. Don’t do this, every image is different. Open the settings and adjust the filters one at a time until you get the finish you’re looking for.

Doing this can create the difference in a photo like this:

That’s how you can quickly and simply create photos on your phone for social media (or just your own use) that look like professional photos.

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