I wanted to punch myself in the face until…

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I remember the first ever blog I started. There was no Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other kind of visual social media.

You started a blog and began writing. End of.

People liked what you wrote or they didn’t.

Then the world got complicated!

Pictures. I friggin hate pictures.

Okay, so that’s not quite true. I love taking pictures. I love travel photography. But I truly hate pictures on blogs, because 99% of the time they’re a load of b*****ks.

But you can’t get away from it these days. If you publish a blog post without a picture on, then it just looks rubbish when you share it on social media. There’s no two ways about it, we need to have pictures on our blog posts.

I went through a phase of creating images for every blog post, and it was truly hell. Until I realised what a complete waste of time it was.

After all, I’m not trying to create viral images for traffic. I just want something that looks nice when the post is published across social media.

So… here’s what I do…

I use the website www.123rf.com, which is the cheapest stock image site I’ve ever found.

I type in a keyword that relates to my post.

I choose one of the images in the first row and use it.

Quick, simple and effective.

Heck, I’ve even had people say how much they like the images I put on posts. WTF?!

Anyhoo, there you have it. The cheapest, quickest way to get images for your blog posts so they look good on social media.



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