When you wake up in the morning you look out the window and see what the weather’s looking like.

Based on this you make a decision on what you’re going to wear for the day.

Today I made the wrong decision.

I chose jeans.

Daaaammmmnnn, that was not the right choice.

By lunchtime it was so damn hot I thought my legs were going to be cooked by the time I got home.

At just about the hottest part of the day Holly sent me a photo of Max drinking an ice cold smoothie in nothing more than a nappy.

Well that’s just great. It made me feel good to be in my sweatpants while they were sitting in the garden drinking ice cold drinks and playing in the paddling pool.

Anyhoo, I’d better get off and mow the garden. My personal gratification is going to be a calippo.



How to Drive Sales with Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

It’s crucial for businesses to have an active social media presence to survive in 2018.

No social media marketing strategy is complete without Instagram. It’s become a top platform for brands, advertisers, and consumers alike.

This platform has 800 million monthly active users. And 500 million Instagram profiles are active on a daily basis.

Here’s something else that may surprise you: 70% of Instagram hashtags are branded.

What does that tell you? If you’re not active on Instagram, your competitors definitely are.

Those of you who already have an account set up are on the right track. But just having an Instagram profile doesn’t necessarily translate to sales.

If you want to drive sales and make real money from Instagram, you need to come up with a viable strategy.

There are a few resources you can use to help you guide you on your Instagram Strategy.

Chris at Bulk.ly has put together this great guide on Instagram and why you should be scheduling your posts.

For some quick tips on your Instagram marketing, check out this post from Neil Patel at Quicksprout.

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6 Strategies For Success From An Immigrant Who Went From McDonald’s Employee To Six-Figure CEO

Lenka Lutonska is a leading NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer, mindset and business strategist.

Based in the UK, she works with women entrepreneurs around the world to help them grow their businesses to multiple-six figures and beyond.

Originally from Slovakia, Lutonska came to the UK when she was 19 with just £30 (about $40 U.S.) in her pocket.

In just five years, she worked her way up from cleaning tables at McDonald’s to managing a store, all while immersing herself in learning about self-development and NLP, which she says changed her life.

This is how she did it.

Stay Fit While Traveling for Work

5 Ways to Turn Turn a Pain into a Win

Recently I was sitting in a restaurant in Munich, staring in resignation as my wine glass was refilled another time despite my protestations.

It had been a long day of sitting through meetings, punctuated by breaks where we were plied with finger foods and coffee, followed by lunch, and then more sitting, and then after-meeting cocktails, and then dinner with two gentlemen who were hoping to land a new contract.

“Try this bread!” my host boomed, “German bread is delicious!” I tried it.

It was delicious. It was only day three of my conference, but already I felt flat-bottomed and bloated. Taking the tiniest sip from my wine glass that I could manage, I resolved to get myself back on track. You see, for me, business travel is a time to reset my mind and my body.

An opportunity to start something new.

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