The Death Toll of Buying Articles

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Time and again I see people asking where they can buy articles for their blog.

This is the WRONG approach.

If you’re thinking of buying articles, stop, turn around and never think of it again.

You know when you’re looking for information on something and you go to a website only to find a boring, dried up article filled with vague information that’s super-unhelpful?

That’s a bought article.

So you go to another website, and find almost exactly the same article. It’s not word for word, but it’s so damn close in dull content and useless information that it may as well be!

Yup, another bought article.

Here’s why buying articles doesn’t work…

If you find a company that will sell articles in a variety of niches and are charging anywhere from a few dollars an article up to about twenty dollars, they’ll be no good.

They’re trading on the fact that everybody needs blog content, and most people don’t understand what type of content they need if they really want to have a successful blog.

A long time ago you just needed content on your site, with the right keywords for SEO.

That doesn’t work anymore.

Now the most important metrics include how long someone stays on your blog.

And, to stay a long time on your blog, there’s got to be something there that they actually want to read!

I can assure you, generic blog content is not what they want. They want something entertaining, fresh, that appeals to their sense of excitement, story and adventure, something that challenges and helps them to achieve what they came to your site to achieve to begin with.

You won’t get this from a company that employs a load of people churning out random content on topics they don’t really know or understand.

You also won’t get this from anybody who isn’t a native English speaker, or who is fluent and has lived in an English speaking country.

It’s the conversational style you only get from speaking English with native English speakers that you need in your writing.

Then you need someone who actually understands, in depth, the topics they’re talking about.

These kind of people don’t work for those kind of companies.

These people are called writers.

They will charge you more, a lot more, than $0.01 per word.

You will find them in places like Upwork or Freelancer.

And if you want someone to write your content for you that’s actually going to benefit your website, it’s one of these guys you’re going to need.

So stay away from the folk who’ll write you 1000 words for $10, all you’re going to do is waste $10, and you can get a couple of cups of coffee for that!

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