The holy trinity of internet marketing

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Over the last week, I’ve received more emails asking me where to start than in the last three months.

I literally have no idea, can you tell me how I can make money online?

Now I’m going to be honest, these emails kinda piss me off, and here’s why…

1) If you joined my newsletter, then you will know I can tell you

2) It shows you’ve read absolutely none of my emails, blog, Twitter or Facebook messages

TBH my usual reaction to this is… ah, another person who doesn’t want to do any work and wants to make money.

So here’s the thang, if you’re on my mailing list because you think I’m going to show you some magical solution, then you’re in the wrong place. Scroll to the bottom of this email, and hit the Unsubscribe link.

If you actually want to build an income online, realise that while it will be a lot easier than a regular job, you still have to work damn hard in the beginning, understand that you won’t make millions in the next couple of months, and that you have a lot to learn.

Then you’re in the right place.

For those of you still with me, there are only three things you need to do to build an income online. I call it the holy trinity of internet marketing.

1) Choose a niche you know inside out and love

2) Start an email newsletter in that niche (you don’t even need a website)

3) Focus 100% on writing daily emails, and getting new subscribers to your newsletter

That’s how complicated building a six-figure online income is. Yup, you’ll be emailing ten people initially and making no money.

Everybody starts there, I started there with this newsletter.

But keep doing it, it works, and then as you get more people on your newsletter, you’ll start to earn more money.

Here’s the complete blueprint.

And if you need something more complicated, because obviously anything simple doesn’t work, then you’d better go find someone who’ll sell you a course in complex marketing for thousands of dollars, which you’ll never implement, because it’s just too damn complicated.


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