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REJECTED. That’s the message I kept getting yesterday

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Yesterday I mentioned that I was starting to drive traffic again using traffic networks.I got my first two campaigns up yesterday, and requested for them to be validated.What came back:REJECTEDWhy?There’s a virus scam on your website.Hmmm.So I contacted the affiliate network and they said that’s …

He’s Out (in both ways!)

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It’s just been announced that Kevin Spacey is having his scenes cut from Ridley Scott’s latest movie due to the continuing sexual allegations that are coming out. Is this right or wrong? There’s definitelty a divide in opinion. Something that I certainly feel is that we’re not far away from it not …

If THIS is you, then I’m sorry

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We had some turf delivered this morning, and the delivery driver couldn’t be bothered to help unload it. It seems to be becoming standard that delivery drivers can’t be arsed to work. We frequently get delivery drivers saying they tried to deliver to us and nobody was home. The only problem with …