The window cleaners brush with death

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We had the windows in our house cleaned yesterday, and we’ve got a pretty high building.

Matt, the window cleaner, was up on the top floor, on a ladder, stretching out to reach a window when…

The dog ran into his ladder.

To be honest, he was lucky that I was standing close, otherwise he might well have fallen off.

But, being the super-hero I am, I managed to get to the ladder, stop it shaking, and he recovered his balance.

However, I could see he was kinda shook up.

So we did what all British people do. Made him a cuppa tea.

Which is when I got chatting to him.

And, when I get chatting to people, we usually end up talking about bizniss and websites 🙂

So he’d had this awesome website built for him, it had cost him thousands. There was a blog, content was going on it every day, but he wasn’t making any more sales.

I took a look at it, and I’ve got to be honest, it was pretty cool.

It had all the whizz bangs you could want.

But honestly, f**k the whizz bangs.

A website only has one purpose. To sell.

You can dress it up as much as you want. You can make it a content hub. You can use it for branding. You can put live events on etc…

The truth is… you’re only doing that so you can sell more of your product.

And his web designer had forgotten it. They’d got so excited by the whizz bangs, that they’d forgotten all he wanted to do was find more houses with windows he could clean.

The lesson – get your website up quickly, forget about the whizz bangs, and remember your website is a shop window to make you… sales.

End of.

You can add the whizz bangs later.


P.S. Business Ignition is officially launching tomorrow, so keep an eye out for tomorrows email 😉

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