I sat down to write this email at 9am this morning. I opened up my mailing software, chose the list and got to the subject line.

My mind was playing around with something to do with whisky.

While I was thinking on what the subject line should be, the doorbell went, so I went and answered it, signed for the post being delivered and came back.

I sat down in the chair and there was a knock on the window, one of our builders wanted to ask me a questions, and, being excited about our building project, I went out and spoke with them, answered the question and came back.

That was probably half an hour.

Then… Holly came downstairs with Max. I started trying to work, but I was aware I had to take Holly into Peterborough and pick up our architect.

I held Max for fifteen minutes while Holly did whatever it was she needed to do. By the time she’d finished, there was only fifteen minutes left before we were due to leave.

No point in writing anything then, I couldn’t write a good email that quickly, my brain would be thinking about the fact I had to go.

So… I drop Holly off, pick up the architect, drive home, have a chat with the architect, then sit down to do some work while she’s talking things through with the construction team.

Finally, I’m going to write this email.

Then Skype pings, there’s a problem, a server goes down. I get onto the hosting, get the server back and…

…the architect has finished and needs to go to the station and Holly is calling me to come pick her up.

I get back out of the chair, feeling more yo-yo than human, and head off.

So now, I’m back, and I’m writing this email before I eat.

And I thought… what a perfect example of how NOT to work.

It is possible to do an entire days work in just a few hours, but only if you have no distractions from people or technology.

Find two or three hours a day when you can be undisturbed. Heck, find one hour a day when you can be completely undisturbed and you will find that whatever you choose to put your mind to will progress rapidly.

It could be your business, or a hobby.

Personally, I prefer to spend that two or three hours making money, and the rest of my time doing my hobbies.

But the choice is yours 😉

Oh yeah, here’s the method I use to build my businesses…


All the best,


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