To Kill A Google

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I’m helping my wife out with drama exams that the kids she teaches are taking today, and there seemed to be a lax moment so thought I’d send this email to you quickly.

You see my wife’s an actress and she’s been talking about the possibility of setting up a production company.

As we were driving over to the exams I was saying what an awesome idea I thought that was. Heck, I was trying to get her started straight away.

It’s all about just getting stuck in and just.

So we were chatting away, in the middle of singing at the top of our voices to Nina Simone. Yup… we’re cool. I’m sure that’s why the people in the bus were pointing at us!

It wasn’t long until the chat turned to building websites. Tech savvy Holly is not. She was worried about the fact that there’d be no way we’d get to the top of Google, and if we don’t get to the top of Google then we won’t make the business work.

What a bunch of b*****ks.

And I’m not shy about holding back so that’s exactly what I said.

If you’re relying on Google for your traffic then you’re sitting on a time bomb. Think of it like this…

Your entire business is relying on something that you have absolutely no control over. Zero. Zilch.


There’s no way you want to do that. You want the money stream to be something that you control 100%.

Otherwise you may wake up one day to find you’ve got no business left. And trust me, I’ve known that happen to a number of people. It’s not pleasant.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your website optimised for Google and SEO. Of course you should, but it don’t make your business plan kinda… “Well I’m going to rank number one for these keywords and then I’ll get loads of free traffic which will make me a great business”. Cos if you do, you’re setting yourself up to get slapped down when Google changes their algorithm. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it’s gonna happen one day.

Anyway, I made this video about how to get your WordPress SEO bang on the money. It’s kinda old now, but it still holds true.

You can watch it here.

All the best from the drama exams,


P.S. I know everyone is getting fired up about traffic at the moment. After all if you have traffic you can make money can’t you.

Hells no. It doesn’t work like that.

If you just go out and buy traffic then 99% of the time you’re gonna lose big. 

Which is why I’m gonna write an email about the $10,000 lesson I learned that proves it doesn’t work.

But it will probably be tomorrow, or maybe the day after. After all it’s Sunday today and the day of rest 🙂

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