16 bottles of marketing juice

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With everything that’s been going on, it seems that I haven’t really taken notice of what’s in our fridge.

Let me explain…

One of the awesome things about moving to the countryside was we got a milkman.

I know, I know, it’s kinda sentimental but I really like it.

The very first day we moved in Russ, that’s his name, rang on the doorbell, introduced himself and asked if we’d like any milk.

Not only does he bring milk to your door, but he also brings juice, cakes and a few other edible snacks.

Now we’ve not tried the edible snacks, and I could never figure out the right quantity of milk, so all we get is the fresh juice.

Well, as I mentioned, I’ve been kinda busy. I just go to the fridge, open it, take out what I want without really registering what’s in it, and then close it again.

Imagine my surprise when I opened it and discovered the entire bottom shelf was filled with sixteen glass bottles of juice.

I mean WTF?!

You see Russ was still delivering the samew quantities we’d ordered when we had a couple of months with a lot of friends staying.

And since we haven’t had friends up for a little while, there was no way we’d ever be able to drink that quantity.

So I stopped it.

But in the weeks when we were getting enough juice for eight people, Russ was making money from us for something we weren’t using.

And that’s the same with most subscription models.

Take Apple Music, rough estimates put the number of people who’ve forgotten to cancel it at 6 million.

When six million people who’ve forgotten to cancel are paying you $9.99, that’s a lot of extra cash in the bank. In fact, it’s nearly 50% of everybody paying for their service!

Just something to get you thinking 😉


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