For the last few days I’ve been writing the August edition of Business Ignition, and it’s all about using the art of storytelling in your marketing.

And I’m so friggin excited by it I could cry.

You see if you want to sell anything, and I literally mean anything, then you need to be able to tell stories.

I don’t care if you sell mud, you’\ll be able to sell whole lot more of it if you do it using storytelling!

Inside the magazine I will be sharing:

* How to find endless content ideas
* How to master the art of storytelling
* The essential elements of a story
* How to keep your readers beggin for more
* When to sell your product
* Making sure you don’t over-complicate things

Because here’s the trooth… selling is easy, but everybody tries to make it hard.

Why do they try to make it hard?

Because there’s a whole billion dollar industry out there which is based around teaching folk how to sell.

If everybody realised how easy it actually was to sell, then whole buncha people wouldn’t be making any money.

But I like to say things as they are.

And the trooth is… it’s pretty damn easy to sell.

Here are the steps:

1) Get an audience
2) Ask the audience what causes them the most pain
3) Make a product that solves that pain
4) Write them great stories every day
5) Sell your product in every story

Full stop.

The first three steps are as easy as they sound. Build an audience and ask them the question.

People don’t like asking their audience questions. It’s weird. Don’t freak out about it, just do it. It brings you closer to them and you can get the answers you need to make your product.

Master the art of storytelling.

Which is what I’m teaching in this month’s Business Ignition. It’s closed to new members, but I will be opening up 11 spaces at the beginning of August.\

Here’s where you need to put your name down if you want a chance of being one of the eleven.

Then tell stories to your audience every day.

Have a great weekend.


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