Tooth cracking pain

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I was at the dentist yesterday, and the great news was that…

I’ve basically got no enamel left on my teeth.

Whoop whoop.

I’m what they call a grinder.

They used to call me that in my younger days too 😉

Anyhoo… since you stop producing enamel when you’re thriteen years old, that’s left me kinda screwed.

Some kind of glass plate was added to my worst tooth and I was sent home with high-flouride toothpaste.

TBH, I’m not particularly keen on using high fluoride toothpaste twice a day, I know it can cause all sorts of other issues.

So I’m now on the lookout for something natural that can do the same job.

If you’ve got any suggestions then please let me know by hitting the reply button on this email.

A very interesting piece of information I found out, was that the human bite will grind through anything.

It doesn’t matter what you put on your teeth, they will eventually grind through it.

You can get a metal spacer that opens your mouth a bit to try and stop the grinding at night, but I doubt I’d use it.

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