There’s one thing that every business needs… leads.

And there’s a ton of ways of going about getting them.

But in this post I want to focus on just one of them.

It’s a technique that not many people use, and it’s one that can get crazy conversions.

The reason that not many people use it is because they think that there is too much work.

However… I’ve seen optin rates of over 90% using this technique with sales conversion rates of 10% and 20%.

The bottom line is that anything worthwhile is going to take some time. But it’s about focusing on doing that things that generate the strongest result for the time spent.

To use this approach you want to start in your Google Analytics account. Login and go to the Behaviour and then Overview buttons.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 22.16.40

Next click on Site Content and choose All Pages.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 22.17.36

What you will see now is a list of pages and the amount of visitors they’ve received over the timeframe set at the top of your analytics page.

Start by taking the top five posts from the last three months.

These are the posts that have been generating the most amount of traffic for you and it’s this traffic that we want to convert into leads.

Start with the first post in your list and look at what that post is all about. Ask yourself this question:

What problem am I solving for people in this post?

When you’ve found the problem that you’re solving in the post you now need to ask yourself:

What difficulties would my readers face implementing this solution or what problems will they still have?

Spend some time thinking about the best answer to this question and keep writing it down until you can put your answer into a single short sentence. About the length of a Twitter status update.

You now have the knowledge of the exact product that the people reading this page are going to want to have access to.

There are two ways that you can progress from here depending on how long it would take you to build that product.

Route 1

This is my preferred route as it has a built in method of immediately monetizing your leads. However it may take you longer to implement. If you don’t have a lot of time to create a product and nobody to do it for you, then I recommend you take Route 2.

Create the product that you outlined above.

Once that product has been built take from it the element that allows the fastest implementation and shows the strongest results.

It’s important to get a balance between implementation time and speed. Most people are pretty lazy, which means they want something that is quick and simple to do. However you also want them to buy your products, which means that whatever you’re showing them to do must also yield results.

When you’ve chosen this element that has the best balance of speed to implement and results, take it out of the main product and turn it into it’s own product.

This is going to be your lead magnet. It’s going to be what you use to get people onto your mailing list.

Go back to your post and in the middle (if your post is 1500 words or longer) and at the bottom create an optin box for readers to get your lead magnet.

I personally use Thrive Leads as my WordPress plugin of choice as it’s quick and simple to create these optin boxes in your posts and it will allow you to split test not only the design but also to try different locations in the post to find which one converts the best.

You already know that everybody landing on your post is interested in the problem you’ve solved in it, which means that this traffic is hyper-targeted to your lead magnet.

After a reader subscribes to get your lead magnet, deliver it via email and then take them straight to a sales page to upgrade to the full product.

If they don’t upgrade immediately then send them into a 4 part email sequence selling them the product.

If they still haven’t purchased it, offer them a free trial or a payment plan.

Using this process you will not only find you are able to convert 75% and more of the visitors to this web page into subscribers, but you can also monetize the majority of them almost instantly.

Route 2

Product creation can take some time, and if you don’t have it then you may want to choose route two.

This route skips out the part of creating the product and jumps immediately to the lead magnet creation stage.

Look at what the product would be in detail and, like above, take out of it the single element that can be implemented fastest and would show the best results.

Make your lead magnet and create your optin.

You can deliver the lead magnet either via email or on a thank you page after a visitor subscribes and then implement the sales funnel later on when you’ve had time to build the full product.

In Summary

There is no doubt that this approach can take some time to put together. But it can yield some of the best results both in optin rates and sales conversions that I have ever seen.

You are choosing a post that is popular and gets high levels of traffic. This post is already acting as a very high quality landing page.

What you are now going to do is use that landing page to feed people into your mailing list by offering the something you already know they’re interested in and you have already warmed them into wanting during your post.

One they’ve opted into your mailing list you are now going to offer them an even better solution to the one that they thought they were getting.
It’s one of the strongest funnels that you can have, and I guarantee that you won’t be sorry when you begin to implement it.

What do you think?

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