How I got 6858 clicks in 24 hours for fiver!

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Yesterday, Penny Clicks launched, and I’ve received a couple of emails asking if I’d actually tried it out myself.

Seriously?! Do you think I’d recommend you something I hadn’t gone through, in it’s entirety, myself.

Here’s the thang…

…I say exactly what I think. There’s no namby pamby crap going on in my newsletters. I say it how it is, I say it how I find it, I say what I do.

If what I say seems simple sometimes, that’s because it is.

This stuff doesn’t have to be difficult. When you start trying to make it difficult, you fail.

It’s the simple stuff that works.

But what most folks don’t understand, is that almost nobody implements the simple things. The things that take the least time and make the most money.


Penny Clicks is rising in price continuously, so you’ve already missed the lowest price, but you can still get it before it goes up.

But back to the question at hand…

Can you really do Penny Clicks.

And the answer is… f**k yes!

I set up a campaign yesterday following their rules, just to prove a point, and here it is 24 hours later.


It took me about 15 minutes to setup and currently I’ve had…

* 6858 clicks

* 102504 impressions

* 6.84% click through rate

* £0.001 cost per click

My account is in pounds, because I’m based in the UK, but so far I have spend £3.88, which is about $4.79.

$4.79 for 6858 clicks.

That’s $0.0007 per click.

It doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

Yes, pretty frickin awesome. However, you should be aware that I haven’t optimised this campaign yet, which means that the conversion rate is very low.

But that’s to be expected, because the whole point of the Penny Clicks course, is to let Facebook optimise for you, which means it needs to run for around 5 days before I can start targeting the settings that give me the conversions.

As I said earlier, simple and effective.

Here’s where you need to go to get the details on how to create a campaign like this in 15 minutes.


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