How NOT to sell

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As you know I’ve been getting back into traffic and lead generation. This is lead generation using mass traffic sources such as pop-unders, push, native and the kind of traffic sources that have millions of impressions available every single day.

In order to use this kind of traffic you have to track it. 

In fact, the tracking of it is the most complicated element. If you don’t track it properly then you can’t optimise it.

If you can’t optimise properly, then you’re never going to make it profitable.

There’s a lot of tracking software out there these days, but I decided to use Voluum.

It’s a well known tracker and recommended by everybody I know.

I also had the benefit of using it briefly many years ago when they were first starting.

So far so good.

But then it went wrong, read how as a full member of The Online Hustle.

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