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Inside next months Business Ignition magazine, I interrogate myself about how to truly outsource your content without getting back the crap you see on most blogs…

Internet marketing is about content creation, full stop. There are some folk out there who’d argue with this, but they’re wrong.

And that’s not me being big-headed. It’s just fact.

If you write sales copy, you’re creating content. If you write an email, you’re creating content. If you write a blog post, tweet, facebook post, make a video, podcast or slideshare… you’re creating content.

Yes, the content may have different purposes. Although in my mind you should only ever have one purpose for your content, and that’s to get someone opted into your mailing list so you can sell to them.

But whether you do that or not, everything you do to make money online requires content creation.

Which is why we’re always so keen to outsource it.

After all, if you successfully outsource your content creation then you remove 90% of the work for your online business. And there wasn’t much too begin with 😉

But if you think you can just head out and get some article writer from a forum to write for you, or use a cheap service like, then you‘d be wrong.

That’s what everyone’s trying to do and the problem is…

The content is crap, and it’s boring as hell.

Want the solution to outsourcing your content so that it’s high quality and cheap?

The answer is inside next months magazine, which is going to print in a few days.


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