My bad… I forgot this!

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I got a sharp reminder yesterday that I’d forgotten to send you the details of my daily routine.

I’m sorry, I’ve got so much I want to share with you that sometimes I lose track. Doesn’t happen often, but it did yesterday.

But all’s well, because…

I’m going to share it with you now 🙂

My alarm goes off at 7am every morning and I usually get up about 7:30am or 7:45am. I’m incapable of getting out of bed when the alarm goes off so I’ve given up trying.

I have a quick shower, head to the kitchen to make a coffee and then crack open the laptop by 8am.

Whatever happens I try to be working by 8am.

At this point everything is turned off. I’m not on Skype, emails aren’t being forwarded to me, no push notifications and I put my phone into Airplane mode so I’m literally uncontactable.

(except by Holly, who knows I’ll get grumpy if she interrupts me when I’m in the flow)

All good so far…

I pull up my sticky note list, which I always make the night before with real pen and paper. My first job  is always the next days emails. That’s because whatever happens these must go out, so I get them done first in case there’s an emergency.

Usually I have at least three emails to write, but sometimes it could be five or six.

However many I have to do, it’s very rare that these aren’t done by 8:30am, I already know what I’m going to write about and it’s written on my sticky note the day before, and I can move on to the next task…

Scheduling blog posts, loading images etc… usually I only have a couple of these a day now as I have someone to help me with the rest.

I might even ask him to do these soon, and I know he’s reading so he’d better watch out 😉

With those published it’s on to social media where I schedule a bunch of comments.

That’s the regular day-to-day stuff that I need to do and all of this is done by 9:15am, so I take a 15 minute break.

Next I take ninety minutes to catch up with our development team and work on bugs and our new products.

I’ll log on to Skype to do this, but stay invisible and will only speak to the developers, nobody else.

It’s 11am now and time for some breakfast. I usually have a cup of tea and something to eat with Holly.

The rest of the day… well it’s mine to do with as I please.

Personally I spend a few hours working with my consulting clients and doing some other bits and pieces, then spend the afternoon doing… whatever the hell it is I fancy!

Following this, I do more than most people fit into an entire day in just four hours.

There’s no tricks, secrets or magic. It’s a simple structure and the most important parts are to stop interruptions, focus on a single task at a time and not attempting to do too much in a day.



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