Sometimes you just need to release some anger. Some people do it to their partners, me, I do it to the sky.

I go into the garden, and bitch to the sky. And the great thing is, the sky is quite happy to just listen to me, not make any judgement, and not say anything back.

It’s kinda relaxing, you should try it next time you’re getting angry.

What caused me to get angry?

I had three people who, combined, had sent me over 15 emails in the space of about five minutes.

Seriously, WTF?!

The emails went kinda like this:

1st email: serious question about something to do with marketing

2nd email (1 minute later): why haven’t you replied

3rd email (1 minute later): are you ever gonna reply

4th email (1 minute later): you’re a scammer, you don’t even reply to emails

5th email (1 minute later): vague threats of reporting me (I have no idea to who or for what)

People like this are not worth the time of day. Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t sitting there waiting for them to contact me so I could reply to them in a split-second.

When I first got started online, I tried to reply to these types of people, I tried to help them out. What did I get for my time spent trying to help? Generally just more abuse.

And it used to upset me. After all, I was doing everything I could to help.

These days it doesn’t upset me, but it does still wind me up. Which is why I have folk who help me on the support desk.

What do I do to people who send emails like this now? I reply politely, ban them from our support desk, block them from receiving my emails and products.

I’m letting you know this, because either you will already have experienced this, or you’re going to.

And I don’t want you to get upset by it.

I know from experience, across both my own and my clients businesses, that these type of people will take up a huge amount of time, cause a huge amount of offence, and never purchase anything.

So if you’ve already got people doing it, or when you do get them doing it, reply politely and then block them from ever receiving any of your content or products. It will save you time and a lot of heartache.


P.S. I’ve starting writing the next edition of Business Ignition, and it’s going to be packed with goodness. I’ll let you know more shortly.


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