The Toilet Bowl Of Email Marketing

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Most folk like to have a clean house. They do it themselves, or employ a cleaner once a week to make sure that everything looks nice when people visit.

Heck, it’s just nicer to be in your own place when it’s clean.

So then, please god, answer me…

Why do so many people not want to keep their email lists clean?

Here’s the thing about email marketing, email providers (like AOL, MSN, Gmail) are always trying to keep their customers inboxes clean. They try and sweep all the dirt away so their customers never see it, so it looks like their house is permanently clean.

Think of them as cleaners who come in every day to get rid of the garbage.

And there’s a heckuva lot of garbage in email marketing. Quite often, you’ll get more junk email than ones you actually want to read.

Imagine the battle that those companies have trying to keep their house clean. It’s an ongoing, twenty four hour battle.

One of the ways they keep their houses clean, is by seeing what the residents want.

You go into your inbox each day, and read some emails.

Awesome, if you’ve read them, then you probably want those emails.

But what if you click on a link in them, or reply to them… well, in that case you must definitely want them.

However, that could have been a one-off, a fluke. So they keep watching to see if you open, click or reply to emails from that person again. The more you do, then more they are sure those emails aren’t part of the waste they’re trying to clean up every day.

Which is awesome.

Why then, do internet marketers not realise that if they want to get their emails delivered, then they need to do their housekeeping.

Got someone on your mailing list who hasn’t opened an email for a year?

Get rid of them. The only thing they’re doing is making it more likely your emails will be considered part of the waste.

One thing’s for sure… they sure as hell aren’t going to be buying anything off you, if they’re not opening your emails. So they’re valueless to you.

In the next issue of Business Ignition, I’m sharing with the serious online business folk, how I keep my mailing lists shiny and clean, which helps me get over 80% of my emails into the inbox.


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