So… it’s turning out to prove harder to get this email out to you every day at exactly the same time.

My morning’s have gone insane.

Today we had to go back to Addenbrooke’s for a hospital appointment for Max, which took out the entire middle part of the day.

I did begin writing this email at 7am, but then I had to leave before I’d finished it.

Anyhoo… the important thing is that it’s here with you now in all it’s glory.

See you tomorrow (at some point!),



Vegetarian Fried Chicken

Here Endeth The World

Humans are strange.

They’ll pay hundreds of dollars to eat food that looks like something and actually is something else in very fancy restaurants.

It’s a funny thought. VFC is the new KFC. Yes… KFC are launching vegetarian fried chicken.

All fast food chains are being pressured into making their food more healthy, and in the UK the government wants people to have more options with less calories.

So there’s a good reason for it.

You can get the full story over at Inc. here.


6 Things Successful People do Before 9 a.m.

The Awesome World Of Productivity

One thing seems to be consistent amongst the most successful people, they always get a lot done very early in the morning.

Since have a baby, I’ve also found that I get the most work done before 9am. After 9am the day begins to take a life of its own.

But what are the six things you can do to make sure you’re the most productive?

Personally, I agree with numbers one, two, three and six. Let me know which you agree with.


Republishing Old Blog Posts

Squeezing The Juice Out Of Your Content

I would say that content is currently the single biggest issue facing most people online today.

Everyone needs content, and it needs to be damn good if you want to be successful.

Gone are the days of churning out crap, ranking in Google and making loads of affiliate sales.

The problem is… good quality content is damn expensive.

And most folk only use it once, which makes it even more expensive.

However, content re-purposing can squeeze every bit of value out of your content.

This blog on Pro-Blogger is an excellent way to get started.


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