Everybody says that when you have a baby it’s knackering, and you kinda go… yeah I’m sure.

But damn, it’s knackering!

Max was meant to have his operation yesterday, which meant we were up at 5am, at the hospital for 7am, all prepared when… two emergencies came in and he got pushed to next week 🙁

Very disappointing, but the surgeon herself came up to speak with us, and as much as guaranteed it would be next week.

So hopefully it will be.

That resulted in a pretty stressful and disappointing day.

But… I have Holly and Max home now, and we’re going to spend a nice week getting into a routine before his operation next Thursday morning (I hope) .

In the meantime, today is Friday, which means Penny Clicks Academy is launching.

If you want to jump straight over and have a look, this is where to do it…


I’m going to be sending a few emails about it, right now I’m going to give you a run down of what’s inside (I’ve been through the entire course).

Later today I’m going to share with you the Facebook account that you must have if your using Facebook ads, but most people don’t.

Then tomorrow, I’ll share with you my favourite part of the course, and how I’m using it!

As my grandad always says, it’s best to start at the beginning with…

What’s it about?

While the course is awesome, I actually think the name is a little bit miss-leading. So I’m going to take you through it.

It’s about building Facebook pages, with a huge amount of likes, and then monetizing these pages.

And here’s my most favourite thing about this course… it’s fluff-free!

You know all those complicated Facebook Ad guides? This isn’t one of them. And in my experience Facebook Ads can be done as quickly and simply as they’re showing you how to do.

Which is the key for me.

The biggest cost in any business is your time. So if I can setup a powerful Facebook Ad in just 15 minutes, why the heck would I want to spend an hour or more making it complicated.

If you think that the more complicated something is the better, then think again. The opposite is most often the truth.

In my experience, the simpler a process is, the more effective it is. And Penny Clicks is simple both in principle and execution.

Which I love.

Here’s the link if you wanna go looksie for yourself: https://michaelwilding.com/recommends/?id=pennyclicksacademy

But we’re talking about what’s inside…

It shows you how to create a Facebook page, if you’re not sure how, but the real gold comes in the Posting Content To Your Page and the Create Your FB Like Ad videos.

These are 6 minutes 43 second and 16 minutes 34 second videos.

I’ve never seen the approach they use to posting content, and apart from our group, I hate coming up with content for Facebook pages, which is why I have very few of them.

But what is shown in Penny Clicks academy, is how to come up with three or four pieces of content for your niche, very quickly, and they’re the kind of pieces of content that people WILL share.

And that’s how you’re gonna get the “Free” likes on your Facebook page.

Then creating your advert is quick, easy and designed to get you a big following very quickly.

It’s about as simple as it gets.

Heck, if you sat down and actually made your page as you watched these videos, I reckon you could have your page made, and an advert running to it in less than an hour.

Once you’ve set up your ad, and the Likes are beginning to flood your Facebook page, there’s two modules on monetization.

The second one is particularly interesting, it uses offline products from a site I didn’t know about, and is going to rock your world.

Then there’s the bonus video, which is, as is often the case, my favourite.

But more on that later.

For now, head over here and check out Penny Clicks Academy.



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