Facebook Live… what a waste of time.

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If you’re around any of the internet marketing forums, you’ll see that there’s a ton of people talking about Facebook Live, and how to use it to make a fortune online.

Hell, I’m surprised some gooroo hasn’t launched a product yet showing you how to do it. Maybe it’s because they’re struggling to come up with enough content to charge $1997.

Personally, I think it’s a complete waste of time.

I’ve seen a few people, and well known ones at that, doing Facebook Live videos. How many viewers do you think they had watching? 10,000, 5,000, 1,000?


They were lucky if they had a few hundred, and most had less than one hundred.

Which means they’re spending their time making live videos, which is waaaay harder than pre-recorded, to talk to less than a hundred people and not even be able to offer them a buy button for one of their products.

One word… insanity.

Why are they doing it? Because they feel they should. It’s the new thing.

Screw that.

I’ve seen folk being told to start doing live videos regularly to build their audience, even if their Facebook following is small.

If you want to sit infront of your camera for half an hour, talking to nobody, then go ahead and do it. Me, and the Business Ignition folk, won’t be wasting our time on it. We’ll be implementing the stuff that works, that makes us money.

I happened, by chance, to see Ricky Gervais do a Facebook Live video. He has 4,177,829 Likes on his page.

How many people were watching live? Less than a thousand.

If someone with over four million Likes can’t even get a thousand people to watch his video live, which makes sense as you’re relying on people who are online and able to watch at the time you start, then it’s seriously not worth wasting your time.

Instead, you should be focusing on a strategy that’s designed to generate you a revenue as quickly as possible.

Like this one.


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  • Jack Winebrenner
    September 10, 2016

    Great, well thought out, observation. Unhidden among the hidden.