Over the weekend I got an email from Tina asking for help to get started. She’d been struggling for a while, and just wanted to know what she needed to do to break through the hardest part of making money online, earning your first buck!

This is what I said…

Hey Tina,

Thank you for your email. Here’s what I would recommend trying…

Sit down and write a list of everything you know how to do online to build a business.

Then cross of everything on that list that you don’t enjoy.

You’ll probably find that you’ve got something like just two or three things left. They will be based on content creation. The content might be emails, social media posts, blogging etc… but it will be content creation OR paid traffic.

Your goal now is to work out how to build a business using just these things. You can do this by:

1) Determine what you want to promote and how (niche, your own products, affiliate products)

2) Work out how much time you have each day

3) Create a plan for maximising that time. i.e. Day 1 create 10-20 social media posts. Day 2 schedule these at a rate of 3-5 per day. Use tracking links so you can see which posts are sending most traffic, so you can optimise.

Then just do it day in and day out. Doesn’t matter if you’re only spending fifteen minutes a day.

The only thing is, using this approach you can’t be expecting to be earning a living in the next few weeks. Heck, it could take a few months to make the first ten bucks commission. But that’s okay. Once the first commission has come in, you’ll see it’s just a question of continuing until the second, which won’t take quite as long, then the third will be a bit quicker etc…

It may take you a year or longer to build up an income like this, but it’s steady, repeatable, and potentially costs nothing and takes almost no time.

Want to know the way I do it?

You can discover it in here.


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