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Social media’s becoming nuts. Just take a look at this list of some of the popular ones…


And there’s a bunch more out there!

As internet marketers, or folk who want to make some extra cash online ;), we’re told that we should be engaging on as many social media platforms as possible.

If you actually tried to do this, you’d dig yourself an early grave.

To be serious on a social media platform, you need to be publishing multiple times a day. Some need more, some need less, but they all need more than one a day.

Then you need to interact with everybody on the channel to build some momentum. Not to forget, when you begin, you’re going to have to spend extra time building a following!

Oh yeah… and you should, ideally, have different content on each channel.

I mean WTF?!

Honestly, it’s not possible. Just the fourteen social media channels above would require a full time team of three or four to keep active.

So let’s go against that curve, which is how I like to generally do things, and say that you shouldn’t be trying to be on all platforms.

Instead do this…

1) Look at your market and their demographic. Discover which social media channel they prefer, and where the majority hang out and interact.

2) Focus on that ONE channel!

Seriously, this is going to make your life so much easier.

By doing this you’re going to focus on building a following on one single social media channel, and focus is the key to being successful in this game.

By focusing on one social media channel, you’ll be able to build great content for it, spend time building your following and getting to know your followers.

This in turn will breed loyalty in your followers.

Which is exactly what you want.

Once you’ve got a big fanbase who are interacting with you, then’s the time to start working on another channel, if you want to.

Of course, you may decide that you don’t actually need another channel, you’re fine just growing one.

This approach is simple, and works. It’s how my Twitter account got to 11,600 followers and growing.

You can see it here:


P.S. In next month’s Business Ignition I’m going to be sharing the new tool I’m using to get hundreds of likes on Instagram for every post.

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